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Hines Ward belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame long before Antonio Brown

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One retired a Super Bowl champ, the other a royal pain in the butt

Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images

With news of former Steelers receiver, Antonio Brown’s latest retirement from the NFL, some debate sparked online about how soon Mr. Big Chest could be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But, the only thing ringing out in my mind was “Everybody hold your horses, the next Steelers receiver who should be entering the HoF is Hines Ward.”

So many diva receivers have jumped over Hines Ward for a spot in Canton. From Terrell Owens, to Randy Moss and other receivers of his era like Isaac Bruce and Marvin Harrison, Ward has bested them and a lot of of other Hall of Fame receivers in a ton of statistical categories. Just take a look at the following,

Hines Ward had more:

  • Receptions (1,000) than: Randy Moss (982) & Steve Largent (819)
  • Yards (12,083) than: Michael Irvin (11,904)
  • Touchdowns (85) than: Fred Biletnikoff (76) & Michael Irvin (65)
  • Super Bowl rings (2) than: Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Steve Largent, Cris Carter, Andre Reed, Tim Brown (0) & Marvin Harrison, Isaac Bruce (1 each)
  • Plus, he’s also considered the greatest blocking wide receiver of all time, which can't be measured by stats.

Now let’s compare the head-to-head career stats of Antonio Brown and Hines Ward

  • Yards: Ward 12,083; Brown 11,263
  • Receptions: Ward 1,000; Brown 841
  • Touchdowns: Ward 85; Brown 80
  • Super Bowls: Ward 2; Brown 0
  • Super Bowl MVP’s: Ward 1; Brown 0

Each category falls in favor for Ward, the only argument you could make for Antonio is that he appeared in only 131 games compared to Ward’s 217. But the only persons fault for this is Antonio Brown’s.

Ward was a tenacious, hard hitting blocker, a safety blanket receiver, and a team leader. But most importantly, he’s a winner. Those two Super Bowl rings and Super Bowl MVP trophy places him among some of the games all time greats, and yet he gets no love in the Hall of Fame voting.

When comparing the two players you also must mention everything that happened off the field. Hines Ward was a model teammate and ambassador for the game during his 14 year career. Antonio Brown, however, is most well known these days for throwing furniture off of a condo, freezing his feet, throwing phallic gummy’s at his baby mama, Facebook live after the Chiefs playoff game, heinous allegations, and throwing a fit over league approved helmets among so many other things.

Sure, Brown was a route god, had a knack for hauling in highlight real catches, could get his feet down along the sideline no matter what, and had a clutch factor about him, but when you boil down to it he cost his team on a number of occasions. If Brown was the quiet, humble guy the Steelers organization led you to believe, I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers would have another Lombardi in their trophy case. Dealing with a pain in the butt doesn't end in championships, it ends in headache.

But what do you think? Is Antonio Brown a Hall of Famer? Should Hines Ward get the ‘call to the Hall’ before him? Let us know in the comments below.