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The NFL will require any fans in attendance to wear face coverings

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For those teams to hoping to have fans, this just makes official what most were prepared to do.

NFL: OCT 15 Steelers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Some NFL teams have already made the decision on their own while others were still preparing for the news. But according to NFL PR spokesperson Brian McCarthy, all fans in attendance at any NFL games in 2020 will be required to wear face coverings.

While some Steelers fans may think this did not apply to them as the Steelers had already made this known, the actual stance on masks has been misreported by many of those in the media. The actual wording from the email which was sent to season ticket holders earlier this month was the Steelers anticipated face coverings would need to be worn. Whether or not the Steelers expected this based on local mandates or if they knew something from the NFL would be coming really does not matter at this point. It is now official.

Some NFL teams have already been informed they will not have fans in the stadium in 2020, including the Steelers Week 1 opponent in the New York Giants. Although some believe requirements for attendance will be the same league-wide, the NFL has stated it will be up to local restrictions at each stadium which will determine the number of fans, if any, which will be in attendance.

Some teams have already announced their plans for the season when it comes to attendance while others are still waiting until a later date. The Baltimore Ravens have stated they plan on having 14,000 fans in M&T Bank Stadium.

As for the Steelers, an email was sent to season ticket holders today with some outlines of precautions which will be taken if fans will be in attendance. With none of these precautions being any different from the last time they were reported, the only significant news from the email was procedures for reimbursement for preseason games which season ticket holders had already been required to pay.

The 2020 season is shaping up to look fundamentally different than anything fans have seen before. Although things will not be proceeding in the normal manner of an NFL season, both the league and the NFLPA are moving forward to still have football this fall. As more information emerges as to how different procedures will be implemented both at Heinz Field and across the NFL, Behind The Steel Curtain will continue to update any information.