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Report: NFL owners are willing to shut down training camp if no agreement is reached with the NFLPA

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With the economic issues such as opt-out clauses and pay for cancelled games, owners could stop training camp if a deal is not accepted.

AMFOOT-NFL Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Mark Maske of the Washington Post is reporting NFL owners are willing to end training camp if an agreement cannot be reached with the NFLPA in regards to the economics of the 2020 season.

While both sides appeared to be gradually moving towards an agreement, the economic structure of the upcoming season seems to be the biggest hurdle. With anticipated lost revenue, owners are wanting to reduce the 2020 salary cap along with 2021 in order to account for the upcoming season. The NFLPA wants to divide up any shortfall in revenue over the next 10 seasons did not affect this year’s salary cap.

It is unclear if NFL ownership is holding firm to the time frame of the effect of lost revenue for the benefit of the future of the NFL or if it is merely a bargaining tool as players reportedly push for salaries to be paid even when games are not played.

If owners choose to shut down training camp and possibly the 2020 season, exactly how player contracts will be determined for 2021 will be a major issue. But if the owners feel they are set to lose more money by paying players their scheduled salaries then they would if the season were to be lost, the NFL could be at a crossroads for a season to take place this year.