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Zach Banner shows off his dancing skills on social media

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The big fella pulled off a step for step remake of the 1983 film Flashdance

NFL: DEC 22 Steelers at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Steelers tackle, Zach Banner has been a busy man this offseason. From introducing himself as the ‘home wrecking hulk’ on a BTSC podcast, shedding a ton of weight, speaking out on various issues, and getting ready to compete for the starting right tackle spot, Banner decided to add one more thing to his already full plate. This time Banner decided to take on the role of Alex Owens from the movie flashdance.

Banner went move for move with Jessica Beals from the 1983 cult classic, if you haven't seen the original dance yet, you can watch it below.

The movie Flashdance was set in Pittsburgh in 1983, depicting the life of an 18 year old welder and aspiring ballet dancer trying to make it in her dream career. This can be mirrored by Zach Banner, who’s playing in Pittsburgh trying to land the first starting job of his NFL career.

When Mike Tomlin announced Matt Feiler would be starting the season back inside at guard, he also announced the right tackle position would be an open competition between Banner and Chukwuma Okorafor.

If Banner is to win the spot it would make a return to the top of the mountain for the 2017 4th rounder. The USC alum was a rare high draft pick that was cut after his first training camp because he couldn't keep control of his weight. He would bounce around with the Browns and the Panthers before settling in on the Steelers roster.

Now, a Pittsburgh fan-favorite and a community ambassador, it’s videos like this one that make it no surprise that Banner is so beloved in this city.

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