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Steelers Stephon Tuitt takes to social media to share his feelings ahead of training camp

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The Steelers defensive end felt the need to share some information with his fellow NFL players.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt took to Twitter on Monday to get some of his thoughts out to his fellow players, and consequently all the Internet, about how players handle their business going into the 2020 season. Tuitt felt the need to give some advice to some of his fellow NFL veterans, but possibly more directed towards some of those players hoping to get established in the league.

It’s unclear what caused Tuitt to feel the need to speak up at this time, but it appears he is trying to help out other players who may deal with outside pressures.

After getting these thoughts out there, Tuitt made sure to state he was available for others around the NFL should they need advice on how to handle various aspects of the business of being an NFL player.

Stephon Tuitt is coming off of a season in which he only appeared in six games before being placed on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle. With 3.5 sacks through those six games, Tuitt was on pace to have the most of his career in 2019 before being sidelined.

Injuries have been the biggest concern with Tuitt over his time with the Steelers as the only season he has appeared in 16 games was his rookie campaign in 2014 after being drafted in the second round out of Notre Dame. The Steelers are hopeful Tuitt’s return to the lineup will help to cover the loss of Javon Hargrave who left in free agency to the Philadelphia Eagles.

After giving his advice to other players, Tuitt went on to put his decision in regards to kneeling for the national anthem out there so people would know where the six-year vet was coming from.

With the NFL season not scheduled to kick off for another six weeks, the national anthem issue will be something which will grow more among players as they get closer to game action. It appears Stephon Tuitt felt the need to make his feelings public as to how he will be handling the situation. While some players may be vocal about the issue, others may chose not make their decisions public. Either way, it is almost certain this will be a topic discussed in NFL locker rooms in the coming weeks.