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A Steelers writer’s walk of shame

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With my tail between my legs, I return...

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is embarrassing.

I sit here writing this article not quite sure where to start, how to continue or even how to finish this article.

Or maybe I should consider this a tall tale about a Steelers fan who took a leap of faith, and fell flat on his face?

Either way, I am here to make amends. Amends to you, the readers who wished me well as I left at the end of May, and especially to the staff here to welcoming me back with open arms.

My journey with DKPittsburghSports was brief, and I was the one who chose to have it result in such a fashion. The details of this situation will remain private, and all I can say is I have never been so happy to return to the friendly confines of BTSC.

The time away wasn’t wasted. I learned a lot while at an accredited website, and am excited to bring some of what I learned back here to BTSC to make this site the best it can be.

For those wondering, Dave Schofield and I will be working together as co-editors of the site. The ability for me to come back and work with Dave, and not be his superior, was one I was excited to accept. What does this mean for you, the reader? It means more quality content, different content, more podcasts and truly making BTSC your one-stop-shop for all things Steelers.

Our goal is to make this site the one, and only, place you go to get all your Steelers news. With that said, I return feeling rather foolish, but I can’t be more happy than I am right now.

Here we go...