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3 players mentioned by Mike Tomlin during his press conference on Thursday

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In his first time speaking with the media since training camp began, Mike Tomlin fielded a few questions about players on the 2020 roster.

Cincinatti Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

It’s back by popular demand! Yes, it’s a return to looking at the players mentioned in Mike Tomlin’s press conferences, but more important is the return of Coach Tomlin speaking to the media. With the oddity which is Steelers training camp in 2020, it’s hard to say how often we will hear from Coach Tomlin. But when we do, you can bet we are going to cover it here at Behind the Steel Curtain.

During the virtual interview on Thursday, Coach Tomlin was asked questions about specific players in regards to the upcoming season. These players are not ones Tomlin brought up himself, but are specifically players about whom Tomlin was asked questions. As you can see, some responses are thorough while others drew more of a ‘non-answer.’

Ben Roethlisberger

Coming of of season-ending eblow surgery in 2019, everybody wants to see Ben Roethlisberger’s progression. Coach Tomlin was asked about if he had an opportunity to watch Roethlisberger throw the day before at Heinz Field as offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner had suggested.

“We didn’t have him throw here yesterday. We’ve really been focusing on getting to know these young guys, but obviously he has been throwing. That throwing has been going well. We like where he is. We don’t have any reservations about him being a fluid participant in this training camp process.”

Eric Ebron

The Steelers added a former first-round pick in tight end Eric Ebron during the offseason. Coach Tomlin was asked if had yet to meet with Ebron and if his addition would allow the Steelers to run multiple tight end sets.

“We’re familiar with Ebron’s talent. We’ve played him quite a bit since he’s been in the league. We are excited about acquiring him and adding him to our offensive mix. He’s a talented guy with a unique skillset for his position. We’re excited about carving out a role and highlighting those talents. Some of it may include multiple tight end personnel groups. Some of it may not. That’s a thing that’s going to be ironed out through this process. He’s a viable receiving option and one we are going to be excited about getting familiar with utilizing.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Another player looking to bounce back from their 2019 season is wide reveiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. Coach Tomlin was asked staff spoke to JuJu Smith-Schuster about where his game can improve regardless of which quarterback is throwing him the football.

“JuJu and the rest of the veterans are still in the testing stage. We haven’t begun the formal process with those guys, so those types of conversations that you suggest have not transpired to this point in any formal way.”

A portion of Mike Tomlin’s interview can be seen here with the entire session available on the Steelers YouTube channel: