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Support for Bill Nunn to enter the hall of fame is rapidly growing

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Long overdue for enshrinement, the Steelers legendary scout could be the first person of color to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a contributor.

Steelers Bill Nunn Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Legendary scout, and patriarch of the greatest draft class in NFL history, Bill Nunn may finally have his name forever enshrined in Canton, Ohio.

Social justice has unearthed some issues in our society. But one in particular could finally, and rightfully see Bill Nunn become an NFL Hall of Famer. In the 57 years of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not one person of color has gotten the call as a contributor. After this fact was brought to light many people including Hall of Fame voter Peter King, he tossed around Nunn’s name to be the first.

For those of you who don’t know who Bill Nunn is, he worked for the Steelers full time from 1970 until his death in 2014. He was the Assistant personnel director from 1970-1987 and a scout from ‘87 until 2014.

Taking it back one step farther, Bill Nunn was a sportswriter at the Courier and developed a deep knowledge of football at historically black colleges. He would release a Black college All-American team in 1950 and in 1967 the Steelers were so impressed by his coverage they offered Nunn a part time position. That part-time job would become full-time when Chuck Noll took over as head coach.

Nunn is a 6-time Super Bowl champion (all with the Steelers), played a part in adding 15 Hall of Famers to the roster (including 5 in 1974 alone), is a member of the inaugural class of the Black College Football Hall of Fame, and is an inaugural member of the Pittsburgh Sports Hall of Fame. Nunn is absolutely deserving of being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and it’s a travesty that he hasn't been inducted already.

Other Members of the Steelers organization and the NFL have taken to twitter in support of Bill Nunn entering the hall

Brandon Hunt, Steelers scout:

Steve Wyche, NFL Network:

Terez Paylor, Yahoo sports:

Matt Verderame, Fansided:

Plus countless others. It appears like it’s finally time Bill Nunn kicks down the doors in Canton and takes his rightful place in NFL history.

What do you think? Will Bill Nunn be a member of the 2021 Hall of fame enshrinement class? Let us know in the comments below!