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The Steelers give some answers to season ticket holders regarding the 2020 season

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Hopeful to still have fans in the stands, the Steelers announced several items to their season ticket holders on Wednesday.

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

For those few fans who are privileged enough to call themselves Steelers season ticket holders, uncertainty of the 2020 season has brought many questions with very few answers. Being one of those people, I was sent a very interesting email Wednesday evening about the status of the 2020 season when it comes to those who have already paid for their full slate of tickets.

The first item addressed was in regards to preseason tickets.

The NFL is contemplating changes to the preseason schedule, which may include cancelled games. Once those plans become final, we will communicate them to you, and you will receive a refund for any preseason games that are cancelled.

With the preseason slate of games already assumed to be cut in half if not eliminated altogether, the real concern for season ticket holders is the regular season. Although some outlets have reported it as a definite for the season, the exact wording sent in the email said the Steelers “anticipate” a reduced capacity and that fans will be required to wear masks.

As for the regular season, we are working with public health officials and the NFL on plans for fans to safely attend the games. Our goal is to have fans at Heinz Field this season. We anticipate that we will be working with a reduced capacity scenario and that fans will be required to wear masks. We will provide more information on the regular season plans once they are finalized.

Although some team such as the Baltimore Ravens have already announced their anticipated attendance totals for 2020, the Steelers are yet to commit to a specific number of atendees at this time. One thing the Steelers have done is allow season ticket holders to have an “opt out” option for the 2020 season while maintaining their seat license in the future.

At this point, we would like to make you aware that you have the option to apply for a full refund for the 2020 season while still retaining the ability to renew your season ticket location in 2021, and if applicable, any associated seat licenses.

The Steelers then provided a link for season ticket holders to go to a different site to fill out an application for their tickets to be refunded for 2020. There was not much clarity with this website as to if this definitely meant season ticket holders would be approved or if it was merely something to get the ball rolling.

Surprisingly, there was nothing included about tickets which have already been announced will have tarps placed over them in all NFL stadiums where teams will be able to sell advertisements. Exactly how the Steelers are going to deal with those who hold those tickets has yet to be announced.

One last bit of information was the Steelers will not be sending out paper tickets for the 2020 season as they need to maintain flexibility for the cancellation of tickets.

In a typical season, you would be anticipating the arrival of your season ticket package later this month. We know you look forward to this as it marks the start of another exciting season. Ticket delivery will operate differently this season as we need to employ a digital ticketing solution to allow for flexibility. We will share additional details soon.

One thing the Steelers definitely do well is make sure ticket purchases for season ticket holders and transfers/resale of those tickets are done very safely and securely. With those same things in mind, moving all tickets to digital form will help in reducing fraudulent tickets.

Personally, I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle my tickets for the 2020 season. While I am uncertain I would attend any games even if given the possibility, it still doesn’t seem like the Steelers have released enough information for me to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, time is now running out as training camps are quickly approaching. Hopefully both the NFL and the Steelers will be able to come up with more definitive answers sooner rather than later.