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Get the latest New Era Pittsburgh Steelers face coverings

If you are forced to wear a face covering for your job or in public, you might as well do so rocking the black-and-gold.

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In 2020, the mandates for citizens to wear facial coverings in public spaces, and indoors, has many wondering what they will do for these new guidelines.

If you’ve been in public, you’ve probably seen people will all sorts of face coverings. Some are decorative, some are bandannas and some show support for their own cause. If that is the case, you might as well wear a face covering showing your love for the black-and-gold.

Check out the latest Steelers facial coverings below, made by those at New Era. Click the links if you are interested in ordering:

If the above facial coverings don’t strike you as appealing, there are other Steelers facial coverings you might like. Some with more of a design than just the logo on the side of the facial covering.

Check out those alternate facial coverings by clicking the link HERE. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date with all things Steelers right here at BTSC as the team prepares for the upcoming regular season.