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Cam Heyward ready to “knock off a bunch of heads” en route to his first Super Bowl trophy

The Pittsburgh Steelers know the challenges that await them within the AFC North in 2020, and Cam Heyward is looking forward to the challenge.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Cameron Heyward has accomplished a lot since being drafted out of Ohio State in the first round.

Pro Bowl? Check.

All-Pro? Check.

Considered one of the best in the league at his position? Check.

What is the last thing Heyward has yet to accomplish? Winning a Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For anyone who thinks Heyward doesn’t think about this every day, you may want to think again. During a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Grid Iron podcast, Heyward talked about the uphill climb the Steelers’ face within the division, and the AFC.

Speaking specifically about the division which now sports three Heisman trophy winners in Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, Baker Mayfield of the Browns and rookie Joe Burrow of the Bengals.

Heyward is excited to run this gauntlet.

“Man, one thing is we have a gauntlet of Heismans that I’m looking forward to wrecking this year.” Heyward added.

“You look around and you see these great offenses, but, you know, as a defense that doesn’t have a Heisman player, but has a Super Bowl winning quarterback we can’t wait. We are salivating at these opportunities.”

This isn’t to overlook the other quarterbacks and teams in the division, but Heyward merely recognizing what lies ahead. Instead of just saying the standard response, Heyward talked about how the defense, and the Steelers in general, are genuinely excited for the challenges within the AFC North this year.

“These guys are great players, and it’s up to us to knock them off the totem pole. Everyone’s ready to crown a new king.”

The Ravens have won the division the past two seasons, and it is worth noting no team has won the AFC North three years in a row since its inception in 2002.

“As I see it, no one in our division won the Super Bowl, so it’s a race for it. We gotta knock off a bunch of heads to get to that Super Bowl trophy.”

Heyward understands what is at stake in 2020, and he understands this might be the last year for the current defense to do what no Steelers team has done since 2009. With Bud Dupree and others potentially gone after this year, it is up to them to make enough plays to win it all and bring Super Bowl No. 7 back to the city of Pittsburgh. As a captain on the team, you can guarantee Heyward’s comments are being echoed within the locker room heading into the 2020 season.

To hear a portion of the interview, check the video below: