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Steelers commentary that will hopefully elicit a strong response from readers

The new SB Nation comment section has been fairly inactive. I’m here to change that.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As you may know, SB Nation, the parent company of BTSC, recently made a huge change in the lives of many when it decided to revamp its comments section. If you’re anything like me, you hate change, and it’s often hard adjusting to something new.

I am here to help you with this transition that has separated many folks—including Steelers fans—from their communities. How? By sharing various hard opinions on the Pittsburgh Steelers and a few other things.

Please join me.

— It’s a comments section. Get over it. Seriously, you sound like mom when she complains about the grocery store moving the bread. I was here way back in 20 aught 12 when SB Nation revamped its entire format—not just the comments section. According to many, it was the end of the world as they knew it. Guess what? They feel fine, today.

— I remember when Kerrith Whyte Jr. was Fitzgerald Toussaint.

— If you’d rather pay full price for two more NFL preseason games than two more NFL regular season games, I’d like your contact info so I can reach out to you when I start my first scamming website.

— The Steelers playoff loss to the Jaguars following the 2017 regular season had nothing to do with Pittsburgh overlooking an inferior opponent or Mike Tomlin talking about a possible postseason rematch with the Patriots. It had everything to do with Jacksonville being a nightmare of a match-up for Pittsburgh. The Jaguars came into Heinz Field for that playoff game and did exactly what they did in Week 5 of that year—they rammed the ball down Pittsburgh’s throat, took the football away and scored defensive touchdowns.

— I remember when Deon Cain was Justin Brown.

— If a player can play a game with a really bad injury—strained hamstring, high ankle sprain, cracked ribs, etc.—he can play a game after the “distraction” of some mean Tweet from his teammate last Tuesday.

Hard Knocks is a good thing.

— I remember when Ryan Switzer was Ryan Switzer (no offense to Ben Roethlisberger).

— You know that thing you keep talking about on Facebook and how you will be done with the Steelers the second they do it? I don’t want to actually say the word, but it rhymes with healing, peeling, reeling, Wheeling, I’ve got a feeling, etc. Anyway, you better think of something constructive to do on Sunday afternoons, this fall, because it’s going to happen. That’s right, plan on doing your laundry, mowing the lawn, staining your deck, whatever. You know that fire pit you also spend a lot of time talking about on Facebook? You might as well get that bad boy all nice and toasty. Fire that sucker up! Gather up all of your precious Steelers possessions—Terrible Towels, season tickets, that picture of you and Mean Joe from when you were four, etc.—and get ready to use them for kindling!

— P.S. to echo the sentiments of that one dude who always replies to that other dude who asks, “Who’s teaching them how to kneel?” every time the Steelers post a training camp picture on Facebook: YOUR MOM!

— You do know the Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl immediately after the Immaculate Reception, right?

— There are people posting mock drafts for 2022. Therefore, I think actual scouts, general managers and coaches will be able to compile enough information for the 2021 NFL Draft, should the upcoming college football season be canceled.

— You think the Steelers should get back to SMASH MOUTH football? That’s so cute. It makes me think of things like Blockbuster Video and rotary phones. I feel like watching some old black and white movies on TV.

— Quit criticizing Franco Harris for often running out of bounds instead of having unnecessary collisions with defenders who would have just knocked him out of bounds, anyway (this section of my rant is probably directed at Jim Brown more than anyone). Franco had the most rushing attempts in the history of the NFL when he retired back in 1984. That doesn’t happen if you’re afraid of contact.

— Stop talking about how many years you’ve been watching the Steelers and acting as if that grants you a backstage pass to some virtual VIP opinion room. I’ve officially entered the 40 Year Club, myself. Guess what? I still don’t know much.

— No, I STILL don’t think the Steelers should sign a backup quarterback just in-case Roethlisberger gets hurt.

OK, that’s all the angst I have for you. Comment away!