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The mystery of the autographed Joe Haden jerseys and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

The curious case of a box of autographed Joe Haden jerseys which ended up on Pacman Jones’ doorstep.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’ve probably heard about this weird Joe Haden and Adam Jones, also known as Pac Man, situation with the autographed jerseys being burned to a crisp.

If you haven’t, let me explain what has reportedly gone down between the two cornerbacks.

Someone, Haden denies having anything to do with this act, sent Pac Man a box full of signed Joe Haden Steelers jerseys. When Jones received the package, let’s just say it wasn’t well received. Here is TMZ video of Jones torching the jerseys.

(Editor’s Note: The above link will send you to a video which has audio that is NOT safe for work or around young children.)

If you want the synopsis, here are some clips of Jones burning the care package.

Obviously Haden caught wind of the incident, and immediately said he had nothing to do with sending those jerseys to the former Bengals defensive back.

When this story caught steam, it made its way to the mainstream media, and by mainstream media I mean ESPN. Once ESPN caught wind of the story, Hadens’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, released a statement on behalf of his client.

This per Adam Schefter of ESPN:

While Haden hasn’t been a member of the Steelers organization his entire career, he certainly has been in town long enough for fans to know he seems to be an up-standing individual both on and off the field. Haden does tremendous work in the community, and especially for the Special Olympics organization.

Who sent these jerseys to Jones? That is unknown at this point, and might be one of life’s most unsolved mysteries. Either way, Jones’ reaction shouldn’t shock anyone, and certainly hearkens back to the 2015 AFC Wild Card game when it was Jones and company who single-handedly helped the Steelers come from behind and beat the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Those were the days...