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With the real training camp starting Monday, where is the excitement Steelers fans?

The pads go on Monday, and Steelers fans should be getting excited, right?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets Photo by: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been in the midst of training camp for a couple weeks now, but let’s be honest, the real training camp starts Monday. In case you didn’t know, that is when the team will don pads for the first time this preseason.

Mike Tomlin had this to say about the Steelers putting on the pads for the first day of “real” training camp at Heinz Field.

“Getting familiar with the level of conditioning that these guys are coming to us in and getting a feel for their ability to take in and retain information that was delivered to them remotely are two of the key variables that determine the pace at which we move.” Tomlin added. “Those are our intentions. We are willing to adjust based on what transpires between now and then. And that is really our mentality about this next month or so. We realize there are certain boxes that need to be checked between now and when we step into a stadium, but we also realize that we might have to alter the pace of some of those intended plans based on the readiness, or lack thereof, of the group. We are just acknowledging that and openly being willing to be flexible when appropriate.”

You might read the above quote and have some hesitations about the start of padded practices, but chalk that up to the head coach being verbally hesitant in case the official start of players wearing pads gets bumped back a day or two.

But that isn’t the main purpose behind this article. The driving force behind this is how there doesn’t seem to be much bravado from the Steelers’ fan base surrounding this event.

I get it.

There is plenty to be skeptical about, and there are more issues surrounding our society which can take away from the joy and excitement of sports.

But as someone who has followed the Steelers his whole life, and been a part of this site for the past seven seasons, I have to wonder what the overall consensus is from the fan base?

Are you as excited as normal?

Are you someone who is guarded with their enthusiasm, considering the league still has a long way to go before completing the season is a reality and not just a pipe dream?

Are you someone who, after months without sports, is finding it difficult to get back into the groove?

Or are you someone who just doesn’t think a season is possible, and won’t even pay attention until regular season games will be played?

I genuinely am interested in how the fan base feels heading into training camp, and by training camp I mean the real training camp.

Either way, we will have you covered with live update articles, recaps, Mike Tomlin press conferences and more, right here at BTSC. In the meantime, let us know how you feela bout the upcoming season in the comment section below!