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Steelers Saturday Night Open Thread: Pads, Pouncey, and Popsicles

Even though the Steelers are holding an evening practice doesn’t mean we can’t still have our usual discussion.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Sitting at my computer thinking how smart Jeff and Dave are that they have a canned preamble for the Friday Night Open Thread. I think that they are on to something, lol...

  1. With a week of padded practice under way, we learned that Switzer apparently is held in much higher regard by the coaching staff than many ‘regular’ fans. Give me your best reason why the coaching staff is ... right!
  2. Last season Maurkice Pouncey yet again displayed his fierce loyalty towards his team by lighting up Myles Garrett immediately after the helmet debacle. Give us your best teammate sticking up for another and this does not have to be a Steelers player. Links to youtube for highlights encouraged!
  3. With summer winding down and most of us having to battle the heat at some point or another what was your go to popsicle or ice cream type treat?
  4. This week, one of the local DJ’s we listen to at work talked about the recent passing of his brother. He talked about how he found it frustrating that people are so focused on offering condolences and not on celebrating the life that was... This got me wondering as since the passing of my mother, I have been focused on the legacy that the person left. I wonder are most people still holding on to the ‘old school’ way of thinking that a somber mood, a black suit / dress and a frown are the most appropriate way to acknowledge the unfortunate death of a friend/loved one or have you moved towards a respectful ‘celebration’ of their life?
  5. Sports have some amazing traditions maybe none better than hockey end of playoff series hand shake. What sports tradition is your favorite?