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Earl Thomas’ days in Baltimore are over

The former All-Pro safety was released after an altercation on Friday according to reports.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens safety, Earl Thomas was sent home following an altercation with teammate Chuck Clark. The former All-Pro posted a video to his Instagram page of the beginning of the incident.

In the video the safety is seen throwing his helmet in the direction of Clark after a busted coverage. What happened afterward is still a mystery, but the incident lead to Earl Thomas being sent home on Friday. Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported Thomas was away from the team again during the Ravens’ Saturday practice.

The Ravens could void Thomas’ contract because of the altercation, and ultimately void the $10 million dollars of guaranteed money Thomas is due for this season. Releasing Thomas definitely appears to be on the table, as many national and local reporters alike have stated the Ravens are considering the option.

According to Pro Football Focus, Thomas was the highest graded safety in coverage between 2015-2019 across the entire NFL with a 97.6% grade. However, this is not the first incident of the veteran safety’s career as he famously ‘flipped the bird’ to the Seahawks’ coaching staff and sideline after he injured his knee. It ultimately ended his tenure with his original team. Thomas was also involved in a cheating scandal during the offseason which saw the All-Pro held at gun point by his wife, Nina.

In case Steelers fans don’t remember any of the above incidents, it was Thomas who violently hit Mason Rudolph last season at Heinz Field and left him motionless on the turf. The concussion Rudolph sustained in Week 5 saw him miss the Week 6 game in Los Angeles against the Chargers, and not be able to return till after the Week 7 bye week.

UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Baltimore Ravens have decided to release or trade Earl Thomas. Schefter stated that Thomas’ “time in Baltimore is over”.

Thomas will have made $22 million for just one season of work playing in a extremely front loaded deal. The Ravens can save $10 Million in guaranteed money by releasing Thomas with the conduct detrimental to the team designation.

UPDATE 2.0: The Ravens have officially released Earl Thomas using the detrimental conduct designation.