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Randy Fichtner shows what truly separates Chase Claypool from other rookie WRs

The Steelers’ offensive coordinator sees a clear difference between Chase Claypool and other rookie wide receivers he’s coached.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it is yet another interview of either a player or coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers who was asked about the Steelers top draft pick Chase Claypool. The wide receiver out of Notre Dame was selected in the second round, but with no first-round pick in 2020, many are having a hard time thinking of Claypool as not being a day-one selection. But so far, Chase Claypool is not disappointing from a hype standpoint.

After getting some comments from Ben Roethlisberger Thursday morning in his interview, Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner was asked the inevitable question about the rookie receiver. Fichtner talked about Claypool’s conditioning, his intelligence, and his understanding with working with Ben Roethlisberger. But according to Steelers reporter Missi Matthews, Claypool‘s “work, work, work and shut-up” plan may tell us much more about the rookie.

As has been stated numerous times, information coming out of Steelers training camp in 2020 is very difficult to gather and untrustworthy to some. But reports about Claypool have come almost daily as the few media members in attendance have seen him continually make plays throughout training camp. Add in the high praise of Joe Haden and Steelers faithful cannot get enough information about the second-round draft pick.

Ben Roethlisberger also had some words of praise for his young wide receiver. It appears Claypool’s “work, work, work” mentality has him getting on the same page with the veteran quarterback early in training camp. As reported by Teresa Varley of, Claypool is picking up on things quickly as he does not ask questions and isn’t making the same mistake twice according to Roethlisberger.

Since the Steelers already let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Claypool, they might as well keep up the hype train in that direction since there’s no holding it back. As Brooke Pryor of ESPN reported, Roethlisberger usually likes to keep the ability of his rookies a little more tight-lipped, but with Claypool it appears to be too late.

Of course, there are some Steelers fans who are waiting until they see Claypool produce on the field before they jump on the train. And frankly, it’s hard to blame them. The Steelers have seen players hyped up in training camp and preseason before only to not be a factor when the regular season rolls around.

But when it comes to Claypool, there are two positive outcomes which could come from his early exposure. First, he could live up to the hype and show to be an excellent draft choice as he helps the 2020 Steelers. If not, the focus on Claypool in training camp could possibly at least distract from other things which the Steelers are trying to keep under wraps.

Regardless of the answer, Monday, September 14 cannot get here fast enough. And if Claypool continues to “work, work, work, and shut-up” as described by Coach Fichtner, perhaps the rookie will be ready to be an asset to the Steelers earlier than expected considering the unusual offseason that is 2020.