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Saturday Night Open Thread: Fans, friends and food

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the home stretch of training camp...time for some questions!

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roth Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Lots happened in the world of sports this week!

On to my questions...

  1. Did you catch the part 1 of the video series with Big Ben recounting last year? If so, what was your big take away?
  2. With the news that no fans will be present for the first two home games, last night the question was which game do you think it will impact the most. Tonight you are tasked with forecasting when fans will be able to attend.
  3. Last night coach Tomlin spoke for the team regarding current events. What is your take on the coach speaking for the team in this case?
  4. Going to learn how to ‘properly’ make tortilla’s from scratch tonight. My daughter’s boyfriend will be our instructor. What is your opinion on making ‘simple’ things from scratch. I am talking about things like bread or pizza dough. You can find multiple varieties in the store or invest some time and elbow grease before you eat. Thoughts?
  5. What are your plans for the Labor Day Weekend? When my kids were younger we used to get as many as 12 - 14 families camping. Now my wife and I stay home and make pasta sauce, lol.

Go Steelers!