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Saturday Night Open Thread

It’s Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody, so let’s talk some Steelers with the BTSC family

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Another week in the books means another week closer to football! With all the players in camp and trying to not get the ‘rona this will be the most unique preseason ever for all of them and all of us. I truly do not think they can make the entire season without setbacks similar to what baseball is experiencing. We should all say our prayers or make sacrifices at our fav ‘alter’s’ to keep our boys from Pittsburgh safe.

On to the questions...

  1. We now know none of the Steelers opted out for the season. Supposed you were an NFL player now. Would you opt out? Would specific details swing your decision? Such as your age, your previous earning, something else?

2. With all the ‘new’ light shed on the Antonio Brown situation and the way last year went done, has your opinion of the coaching job MIke Tomlin has done changed?

3. What was your first fav car? Did you ever get it?

4. Last week we discussed your go-to entertaining drink. Now let’s discuss food. One of BTSC’s finest is stopping by next weekend what are you serving up for dinner?

5. Cheap shot alert.... Now that all sports are back in swing has anyone been watching any hockey??!! (if you don’t get my ‘humour’ I aint’ gonna apologize, this heart belongs to 2 specific franchises one plays football in Pittsburgh and the other resides in the real hockey mecca, Montreal). What are your thoughts on the series overall or the Penguins moving forward beyond 2020?