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4 players mentioned by Mike Tomlin following Wednesday’s practice

The Steelers head coach spoke briefly after practice, but still answered a few questions about players.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Steelers preparation for Week 1 is underway. Although he held his regular press conference on Tuesday, Tomlin also briefly met with the media after Wednesday’s practice. The questions were few, but there were still enough to cover a few players. Remember these players are ones brought up during the question and answer period, although one was thrown in as a reply.

Zach Banner

It was reported on Tuesday that Zach Banner was going to be the Steelers’ starter at right tackle for Week 1. Because Coach Tomlin did not state so in his press conference on Tuesday, he was specifically asked about the division of labor at right tackle position. His answer was short and sweet.

“Banner’s the starter at right tackle”

Ryan Shazier & Devin Bush

One of the biggest news stories in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday was the retirement of Ryan Shazier. Coach Tomlin was asked about the impact Shazier had on the Steelers. In his response, Tomlin brought up Devin Bush.

“I could talk all day about the impact of Ryan Shazier and not the football. You guys know that. You guys witnessed that. The passion that he displayed day-to-day, the professionalism, the love that he has and the respect that he displayed for the game was evident in terms of how he went about his daily routine. It’s something that young guys today do that didn’t have an opportunity to play with him, guys like Devin Bush who takes a daily approach that really is crafted by Ryan Shazier from a preparation standpoint. His contributions are many. A quality player, an unbelievable player, yes. A quality man and unbelievable man, also.”

David DeCastro

Another report which surfaced on Tuesday was All-Pro guard David DeCastro is not expected to play in Week 1. Tomlin was asked about DeCastor’s status and if he is comfortable with the depth the Steelers have at guard. Unlike his response to the question about Zach Banner, Coach Tomlin did not confirm the report.

“No clarity as a I sit here today, and I am comfortable with the depth there. Obviously, an inclusion of David DeCastro and game planning and play is significant.”

Mike Tomlin’s brief interview with the media on Wednesday is not available to be viewed at this time.