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Steelers Fan Rooting Guide: Who Steelers fans may want to root for in other games in Week 1

BTSC's guide to the other weekend games that might impact the Steelers the most.

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Steeler fans are all aware of the significance of winning vs. losing when the black-and-gold take the field on Monday Night against the New York Giants. Of course the season is only going to be one game in and the Steelers need to win, but other games directly affect them. Most of the time, Steelers fans know who to root for. But here’s a guide to significant matchups, and whose losses the Steelers would benefit more from this weekend. Once again, the Steelers need to win for this wish list to be viable. But any edge on the competition in the AFC is welcome, no longer the date on the calendar.

Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs - Thursday 8:20 PM

The defending champs are always a favorite on Thursday Night Football in Week One. They’re also a threat to repeat in the AFC. That’s why a Houston upset would work well.

Who to root for: Houston Texans

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills - Sunday 1:00 PM

The Bills are hyped up and getting a lot of love. I’m not over their defeat of the Steelers last December and I feel that they could be a thorn in the Steelers’ side in the last month of 2020. They need knocked down early.

Who to root for: New York Jets

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens - Sunday 1:00 PM

Selecting a choice matchup is like deciding between dining on liver and rancid fish. I gotta go Cleveland to defeat the division favorites.

Who to root for: Cleveland

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sunday 1:00 PM

Indy is a team that looks like they could be dangerous, If their young skill players are for real and if Phil Rivers is not yet done, they will be dangerous.

Who to root for: Jacksonville

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots - Sunday 1:00 PM

If reports of the crumbling and demise of the Patriots dynasty are legitimate, we need proof.

Who to root for: Miami Dolphins

Los Angeles Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday 4:05 PM

I actually think that the Bengals could win this game. I hate the thought of that so early. They don’t need the thrill of victory.

Who to root for: Los Angeles Chargers

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos - Monday 10:20 PM

Both AFC teams are going to be WIld Card threats, but the Broncos seem to be a major breakout candidate. With them rolling into Heinz Field next week, I’d rather them not coming in hungry for their first win. Add in the fact that the Titans are a legit division contender in the AFC South...I’m going Denver in a great matchup.

Who to root for: Denver Broncos

Who do you like in these games? Let us know in the comment section below!