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A Letter From the Editors: It isn’t ideal, but options are available

The Steelers are back, and we want to make this site the best as it can be...even throughout a transition.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers season is upon us, and there are a lot of concerns heading into the new year.

What if a player gets COVID-19 and has to sit out?

Will Ben Roethlisberger be the Roethlisberger of 2018, or will he struggle?

And what about that new commenting system at BTSC?!

While the latter isn’t the most important, or an integral part of the Steelers’ success, we realize it is an important part of the fan experience here at BTSC. Fans come here for the articles, podcasts and the game day threads...not being able to comment is a serious problem.

During the full slate of games Sunday there were issues across the network with commenting. It even bogged down sites like BTSC who didn’t have a game going on at the time. Regardless of your thoughts on the transition from the old system to Coral, it remains a work-in-progress.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is a message here from NFL Manager Jeanna Thomas about the system:

Here are a few features that you might want to include in game day thread articles, to help your community enjoy the game day threads more:

If you change the ‘Sort By’ option to “Oldest,” you can read all the comments in chronological order, and the comment box moves to the bottom. If you leave it as “Newest”, the latest comments will appear at the top.

If you’re using a computer, you can move down the comments using C, and move back up using shift-C by clicking once inside the comments area. This can also be used to ‘load more’ comments.

Under the ‘My Profile’ tab, you can keep track of replies to your comments, and also sign up for email notifications of replies

If you want to auto-show all images/GIFs/Tweets, you can opt into this under My Profile - Preferences

As always, we’re continuing to improve the system, and will be watching how everyone is using it on game days – and if you or your community have suggestions on how we can further improve the game day thread experience, we’d love for you/them to join our commenting feedback group: or you can email

There are still concerns, and I want to let you know what we are doing here at BTSC to help ease the transition on our end.

No, we cannot just flip a switch and go back to the old system. We are content providers, not the site developers hired by VOX Media and SB Nation. But what we can do are provide you plenty of spaces to communicate with fans if one thread gets inundated with comments.

Here is what the layout will look like for tonight’s game. We hope the fact the Steelers will be the only game tonight will help with the commenting system, but we have a plan in case it goes south in a hurry.

  • There will be a first half open thread. Nothing new there.
  • There will also be 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter live in-game updates. These aren’t new either, but the discussion can certainly bleed over to these articles if the open threads are becoming slow to load, etc.
  • There will be a second half open thread. Nothing new there.
  • After the game, the game recap, Knee Jerk Reactions and a recap of Mike Tomlin’s press conference will also be there for you to use to get your thoughts/feelings about the game out of your system.

We know this isn’t a fix-all, but us trying to help make this site your go-to Steelers site is our main goal.

Try to be patient with us throughout this process, and know these changes don’t impact the content being produced on a daily basis!

As always...