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Bill Cowher and Ben Roethlisberger sit down to talk Steelers and his return in 2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame coach, and future Hall of Fame quarterback, had a chat prior to Week 2.

Using perceived slights as motivation is an NFL staple, but does it work? Patrick Schneider/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fortunate. Since 1969 they have had only three head coaches, and during that time they have collected six Lombardi trophies. Of those six, only two quarterbacks have claimed championships.

Prior to the Steelers’ Week 2 game vs. the Denver Broncos the second of those three coaches, Bill Cowher, and the quarterback he drafted, Ben Roethlisberger, had a virtual sit down leading up to the week’s action.

While this interview is old by today’s standards, it is one which is worth sharing. During the interview Cowher asks Roethlisberger about several things.

  • His return to the team after elbow surgery.
  • His future plans with the organization.
  • How the win over the Giants in Week 1 ranked among his best.
  • Cowher picking the Steelers to play the Seahawks in the Super Bowl this year as a repeat of Super Bowl XL.

If you are like me, and missed this interview when it aired, check it out below. It is worth watching for the die hard Steelers fan.

For the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the Houston Texans in Week 3, be sure to stay tuned to BTSC.