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Saturday Night Open Thread - Big Boys, Brothers, and Best of’s

It’s time for some Saturday Steelers discussion, and beyond

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Celebrating another family birthday tonight with a few family members. Going to be sitting around on the patio and then having a fire after it gets dark. The birthday boy asked for burgers and wings for dinner. Damn, that boy makes me proud!

  1. With a whole one game under his belt, Kevin Dotson has seemingly become our next All-Pro guard. Have we given him this title too soon?
  2. While we all know who will win the Watt Bowl, when the final whistle blows, who has the best personal stat line? Does Derek even finish in the conversation?
  3. Speaking of the lesser mentioned Watt, what do you think the specific game plan for him will be this week as we seem to be seeing notes in the media that he might have a larger role on Sunday?
  4. With news this week that coach Tomlin brought in real NFL ref’s (apparently, yes they do exist - just not the ones that were at Heinz last week, lol) the under/over on penalties this week I’ve set as 6. Thoughts? Go!
  5. Last week we established that greatest hits album cannot be included in answering the following question... what are your top three albums of all time?