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The Steelers 2020 New Era sideline hats have dropped!

The Steelers are 3-0! Celebrate by getting the latest sideline lid for the 2020 season!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are 3-0 after beating the Houston Texans in Week 3 of the 2020 regular season, and if you are like me you want to celebrate by rocking the black and gold anywhere, and everywhere, you go!

If you are someone who loves the latest gear, then you will love the fact the latest New Era sideline hats are now on the shelves for you to purchase. That’s right, get the same hat the players and coaches are wearing on the sideline!

There are options as to what kind of hat you can, or want, to get. You can get a traditional adjustable hat, or a couple options for the flat billed variety. Whatever best fits your style!

Check out the links below and order yours today to make sure you have it in time to show off the colors of the now 3-0 Pittsburgh Steelers! HERE WE GO!