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Joe Haden leads all cornerbacks for passer rating allowed

At 31 years old, Joe Haden is still one of the NFLs premier cornerbacks.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Being a 31 year old corner in the NFL usually means you are on the down turn of your career. Multiply that by having spent 11 years in the NFL and you would probably be safe to assume that corner would be on his last legs.

Not Steelers defensive back, Joe Haden. Haden has seemingly found the fountain of youth when he landed with the Steelers back in 2017. You don't even have to look further back then the 2019 season, the tenth of Haden’s career. Joe Haden tied his career high of 65 tackles and added another five interceptions on his way to the Pro Bowl.

And if you thought we would see a sharp decline out of Joe Haden in 2020, you couldn't be more wrong. According to Pro Football Focus, Joe Haden ranks above all other corners in passer rating allowed. Opposing quarterbacks are throwing an abysmal 36.6 quarterback rating.

Joe Haden has been the epitome of a shutdown corner, and even in a year where the Steelers are asking more out of their corners than ever, Haden is still shining.

The Steelers have committed their defensive game plan to attacking oppositions quarterbacks and running game, forcing the Steelers defensive backs to play tight man or some strenuous zone concepts. The Steelers defensive backs are being tasked to hold their receivers just long enough for the pass rush to get home and in a assignment as difficult as this one Joe Haden is still a star.

Throughout three games Haden already has an interception, two passes defended, and nine tackles. Plus, opposing quarterbacks are just straight up not looking his way.

Like a fine wine, Joe Haden has only gotten better with age, and judging by the video below is having more fun than ever!