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Mike Tomlin suggests there is a “strong possibility” the Steelers vs. Titans game will be Monday

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans will be playing in Week 4, at some point, and Mike Tomlin is hearing it will be Monday.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The lead up to the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans game in Week 4 isn’t quite what everyone expected. Many thought this would be nothing but hype over two 3-0 AFC teams squaring off in Nashville.

The league’s best rush defense vs. Derrick Henry.

Ben Roethlisberger vs. Ryan Tannehill.

The Steelers’ rushing attack vs. the Titans rush defense.

You get the picture, but what fans have gotten are COVID-19 outbreaks, NFL testing protocols, NFL press releases and the postponement of the game. Earlier today the league announced they will postpone the game to either Monday or Tuesday, but nothing definitive was given.

The Steelers, who don’t have any positive cases of coronavirus known within their organization, have been practicing as if it were a usual week. Mike Tomlin spoke with media following the Steelers’ extra practice on Wednesday and told reporters he is hearing there is a “strong possibility” the game will be played on Monday, not Tuesday.

This per Brooke Pryor of ESPN, who was on the Zoom call:

Tomlin was further asked if the game was pushed to Tuesday, would he feel at a disadvantage preparing for the Philadelphia Eagles, and he isn’t focused on next week.

To prepare for this upcoming game, the Steelers are using their usual Monday Night Football schedule and following the same protocol they used for Week 1 when they traveled to MetLife Stadium to play the New York Giants in prime time.

Outside of the aforementioned news, Tomlin said the extra day(s) likely won’t help Derek Watt (hamstring) or Marcus Allen (foot) to be ready to play vs. the Titans.

There is ongoing news leading up to this game, so be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes on the black and gold as they prepare for the uncertainty surrounding the Titans game.

For what we know now, and information from Titans’ head coach Mike Vrabel, check out the breaking news podcast below: