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Steelers players take to social media to congratulate Cam Heyward on his extension

Both current, and former, Steelers players took to social media to congratulate Cam Heyward on his new contract extension.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It is a special time when players get rewarded for their hard work and dedication. So much so, fellow players around the NFL will be ecstatic and celebrate the money their fellow players will be making.

Translation? The more one player makes, equates to money they could be making when it is their turn to go to the pay window.

For the Steelers, they honored defensive captain Cameron Heyward’s big 4-year extension by taking to social media to give props to the big man becoming the highest paid defender over the age of 30, based on annual salary.

Check out what both current, and former, players had to say on Twitter to Heyward after his big pay day.

(Editor’s Note: This story can be updated as more players, and coaches, take to social media to give love to Heyward.)

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