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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread - Glass more than half full edition!

The still is a lot in the cupboard, seriously!

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Losing sucks.

Losing to the Browns really SUCKS!

Losing to the Browns in the playoffs... REALLY SUCKS!!!!!

Now with that out of the way, I will quickly answer why the glass is still half full. Look at all the young talent we have. Not just the rookies that stepped up in 2020 but those from 2019 and 2018. We also have a young safety that made his second Probowl in just his second year here. Lastly, we also have probowl vet’s that still make this team dangerous.

I will not bemoan the fact that our O Line is as old as dirt or that we are going to have to work in significant pieces to a changed coaching staff. I will remind you all that this is part of the regular business of sports. Change is inevitable and a yearly reality for literally every team. Guys get older, coaches leave and schemes change. If this organization has shown you anything during your lifetime, it is that it will find a way to win.

On to my questions.

  1. Which young player are you most excited to see play next year? Is he even on the roster right now???
  2. You are KC for a day and you get to make one move this off season that in on the offensive side of the ball. This move is not limited to player personnel but anything that he could influence. However, it must be doable (far fetched is allowed) and not for example impossible due to salary cap or being an unrealistic contract.
  3. Not many of us are ‘draft junkies’ and ‘know’ how much better that day 2 tackle from Wisconsin is vs the other tackle all the nation media keeps mocking to us. However, we have an idea of the way our perfect draft would play out. Give us your ideal draft by round / position, names are NOT .
  4. With the turmoil in Texan’s camp, do you have any appetite for JJ to join the Steelers. Either way back up your answer as to how it works (not only on the field but what do we have to give up to get him) or why it doesn’t.
  5. Please rate your level of disgust with the remaining teams on the AFC side making it to the ‘big game’. Use the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being throw up in your mouth disgusting or having to use the toilet brush to brush your teeth!).