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The odds of J.J. Watt reuniting with his brothers in Pittsburgh is growing

Sounds like J.J. is on the block will the Steelers pull the trigger and unite the Watt brothers?

Houston Texans v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

What started as a pipe dream when the Steelers added Derek Watt to the roster, has started to build some momentum into the world of possibility. J.J. Watt is expected to have a new home for the 2021 season. And with the J.J.’s little brothers Derek and T.J. Watt already on the roster, the Steelers have to be considered one of the favorites to land the three time NFL defensive player of the year.

What seemed pretty much impossible a year ago has taken a turn in the Steelers’ favor. This after former Texans head coach Bill O’Brien drove the Texans right off a cliff and hit every rock on the way down. The Texans have no draft picks and are staring a rebuild right in the face, which is a terrible combo. On top of that, they have driven a wedge so far in between themselves and franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson that many believe the relationship is unrepairable. J.J. himself has stated this year he is not interested in sitting through another rebuild, and at 31 years of age you would assume he wants another shot at the playoffs.

Of course the Steelers have their gremlins, but playing on one of the best defenses in football, with his brothers, is something we would be safe to assume is interesting to him.

Now I know half of you reading this are excited about the possibility of adding the third Watt brother. The other half is screaming “cap space!!” at your screen as you read this. But I should remind you of two things. First, J.J. Watt is in the final year of his contract and carries $0 in dead/non-guaranteed money. He was never going to play this year on that deal, and the Texans salary cap problems makes J.J. the most likely cut candidates in the NFL. Secondly, J.J. Watt has been rumored to not be chasing money in his next pro deal. His career NFL earnings total $100,706,498, when you factor in his endorsements you know this guys is racking in a fortune on a yearly basis.

Just check this out from Forbes:

“Watt is one of the NFL’s most marketable players. His earnings off the field are on par with the elite quarterbacks. Sponsorship partners include: American Family Insurance, NRG, Reebok, Gatorade, H-E-B, Ford and Verizon.”

On top of all this, J.J. Watt was an investor in Cholula hot sauce that sold for $800 Million dollars back in November, a 300% increase of his initial investment. Their is no telling how much Watt made on the deal, but you can be assured it was a lot...

If I had to put a deal together for J.J. I would guess it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 Million. Just a little bit more money than Derek, as to hold bragging rights, but less than T.J. so he would have to pick up the bill when they go for dinner. You may laugh at that but I'm 100% serious...

On top of everything I’ve already said, you know the Steelers would make the move just for the sake of the sentimental rubbish that comes with it. They activated Trey Smith, the Steelers fifth running back, for a game against the Bills in 2019 just to have three brothers on the same field. You just know the Steelers would make this move to have three brothers on the same team. Furthermore, the marketability factor of the Watts is through the roof. Merchandise and ticket sales alone would pay J.J.’s salary 10 times over.

What do you think? Will the Watt brothers be reunited in Pittsburgh this year? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.