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A Letter From the Editor: I can’t stand Tom Brady, but I sure do respect his game

Tom Brady is the ageless wonder, and it makes me sick.

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Tom Brady spent the vast majority of his career being a thorn in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ side as a member of the New England Patriots. Year after year, it was Brady and the Patriots who always stood in the way of the Steelers reaching the Super Bowl.

Venue didn’t matter, but if the Steelers stood a chance it would have to be at Heinz Field. When you think back to the games between Brady’s Patriots and the Steelers, you can count the wins on one hand. As for the losses? Well, that would take a lot of time...

When Brady decided to leave New England prior to the 2020 season, and decided to take his talents to Tampa Bay with Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers, Steelers fans rejoiced in knowing Brady was out of the AFC.

At last, he could no longer torment the Steelers.

But at this point, the torture Brady inflicts on the Steelers isn’t as much on the organization as it is on the fan base. Steelers fans view Brady as the immoveable force, and how can you disagree with that statement? You may disagree with some of the antics the Patriots did, and got away with, throughout the past decade, but can you really hate on Brady’s dominance?

Brady is brash. He talks trash, just ask Anthony Smith...

But as a die hard Steelers fan, at what point do you say, “Sometimes you just have to give him props.” when referring to Brady’s success.

I know for me that time is now.

Let me make something crystal clear here. I still can’t stand Tom Brady. My disgust for Brady is more about the fact he is like that fly who just won’t go away. At this point I wonder if Brady will be playing until he is 50, and still winning.

Just the other day I was asked on social media if I was looking forward to the Chiefs and Buccaneers Super Bowl. I gave a candid answer, and that was how I am sick of both the Chiefs and Tom Brady.

Not a recipe for a game you really want to watch.

For all that is often brought up about Brady, things like:

His TB12 method.

His diet.

How he kisses his own children.

Trash talking.

His relationship with Bill Belichick.

Yelling at teammates on the sideline.

Brady just keeps winning. Everyone thought the change of conference would equate to failure for Brady. Everyone though the change in scenery would be one last season for Brady before his hangs it up. Everyone thought this was the end.

And here we are again, preparing to watch Brady in another flipping Super Bowl.

I can’t stand Brady, but I have to respect what he has been able to do throughout his career. His success is almost as much mental as it is physical at this point, but at the age of 43, you have to marvel at Brady’s ability to not just keep playing, but playing at a high level.

It pains me to say it, but I do respect Brady’s game. Anyone who says otherwise is likely just fooling themselves.