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2021 Senior Bowl: Practice updates, news and open thread

The 2021 Senior Bowl is underway, and pro scouts are in Mobile to watch the latest crop of prospects battle it out. We discuss practices and news that is going down.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Day 3 of the Reese’s Senior Bowl practice sessions.

The good, and the not so good, of yesterday’s practice.

The Good

Actually it borders on great for some team, maybe the Steelers but most likely the Dolphins. You see Najee Harris is in attendance and according to one of the talking heads (I think it was Todd McShay) had said that the agent for Harris was in talks with Jim Nagy (the Director of the Senior Bowl) about whether Harris would be there. Turns out that Najee reached out to Nagy and said that he didn’t need to talk to his agent, he could talk to him. Najee said he wanted to be there to compete. Now, I’m not sure Najee is doing everything at the event, but it is refreshing that a young man can speak for himself.

There is another Alabama prospect we have interest in, and he may have also priced himself out of Pittsburgh’s draft range. Alex Leatherwood is a hulk of a man, and it has been determined that when he gets his hands on a defender there isn’t much that can be done other than enjoy the dominance. There are questions about his ability to handle the true speed rushers but from the segments I watched of his( because I didn’t see all of them I was taking notes on others) the guy can physically dominate the best of the best.

There is no denying the advantage that the offense has when it comes to the one on ones with the receivers and the quarterbacks. For one there is no blitzing the quarterback so he can essentially set in his nice cozy pocket and wait on the receiver to do his thing. You still have to say wow at the footwork and the ability of some of the receivers that have created huge amounts of space in their routes. Guys like Shi Smith from South Carolina and D’Wayne Eskridge from Western Michigan continue to flash incredible ability to get open.

The Not So Good

The secondary play in general but I seen on back to back plays and all throughout the drills the OU tandem has been beat, turned and twisted and sometimes left in a different area code by these wide receivers. It didn’t matter if it was the quick and savvy or the long striders they could not cover. Like I said above my head was down and taking some notes so maybe I missed something.

There was one offensive lineman that I seen beat on just about every one on one I won’t mention a name but the team was the Cal Bears. Then there was the Wisconsin Whitewater Division 3 prospect who flashed some good and bad but in terms of flashing. Get that guy a bigger jersey or at least pull the shade down.

First let me say that I appreciate the message that Coach Matt Rhule was trying to convey to these young men but does it mean that the coverage of the practice had to be about him. I mean we won’t have a combine so this is it as far as a last chance to see these prospects. Terrible job ESPN but you probably knew that already.

These are just my first thoughts and I do plan on putting together something with a little more depth once the entire event is over. Feel free to give me your likes and dislikes and jump into todays conversation on what you are seeing.

As always stay safe, and go Steelers!