hard to explain the season so far... well just ask Ben

continuing the 'ben controls everything thread' from before but now under a new title

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so continuing this thread for week #2
Note during week #1 Ben was worst rated QB in NFL by PFF
and he's started out right where he left off with an INT in 1st Q of vs Raiders game at home


so onto week 5 we go and Ben is still slow to react. Slow to drop back.
Off target on easy throws and amazingly JuJu seems to also not be able to be in sync with Ben.

all you have to do is watch the defensive lines rush the passer OR not during various games.
those that play the game 'well' are paid nicely.

Since ben signed his big contract after 2008 steelers have not done very much in playoff other than 2010 when they lost in SB.

Ben its time to hang up your cleats and realize that father time has caught up to you.

I think its quite telling of the # of no shows in heinz field.

Will you do it yourself ben or will you force the organization to suffer some more?

My guess and prediction is that he sustains some kind of injury and is put on IR pretty soon cause his ego is too big to bench himself.

sorry for revealin the script before it came out.

watch out for the media they are a powerful organization if they are the only ones who have your ears/eyes.

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