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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Week 6: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Join in on the conversation as we wait patiently for Sunday Night.

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Inside Linebacker we should have traded up for
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I’m holding down the fort, so to speak, until SNW gets back from wherever the heck he is this time. Neither of the two teams tonight have any significance to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season. So, it should be a free and easy night...unless you root against Tom Brady...then I suggest you watch the college game tonight. I guess there is the fantasy football aspect involved in tonight’s game as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

No surprise Tampa is leading their respective division while the Eagles are in a similar situation as the Steelers, trying to get back to .500 football. Currently tied with WFT for second place in the NFC East.

As a college football fan I would be neglecting my duties if I didn’t mention the two games on schedule tonight.

Georgia Southern Eagles at South Alabama Jaguars ESPNU at 7:30pm

Jalen Tolbert #8 WR 6’3” 190lbs

South Alabama has an interesting WR in Jalen Tolbert. Good athlete with great height, not blazing speed but enough long speed to separate down field. Solid in and out of breaks and has RAC ability. Nice variation of moves to gain space and he will attack the middle of the field. Solid player all around with the production and upside to boot. Keep an eye out for him. I have him ranked currently around the middle of the third round.

Navy Midshipmen at Memphis Tigers ESPN at 7:30pm

As always Stay Safe and Go Steelers!!