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Denying DK Metcalf is the Steelers key of the week

Shutting down the Seahawks massive receiver would crush whatever is left of Seattle’s offense

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a prime opportunity to knock off the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. Without Russell Wilson in the line up the Steelers need to take advantage of Geno Smith, who will be receiving first team practice reps for the first time in a couple years. Without the perennial MVP candidate in the line up the Seahawks find themselves in a very difficult position on offense. Despite Smith’s inefficiencies he still has a great weapon in his back pocket. That weapon is throwing the ball up to a 6’4” 235 pound receiver that looks like he’s carved out of granite and one of the freakiest athletes in the world.

That player is none other than DK Metcalf. The 2020 Pro Bowler and 2nd team All-Pro wide out has been dominating defenses from the moment he stepped into the league. He runs past defensive backs, he jumps over safeties, and he bullies everyone when he comes down on crack blocks. Metcalf is a bad man that can absolutely take over games. With Geno Smith at the helm of the offense I would anticipate the Seahawks’ offense to be far more limited than usual. With that being said, I would expect Smith to simply just throw up 50/50 balls to Metcalf on a somewhat regular basis. If literally any of us had to play quarterback for the Seahawks this week, I guarantee you would be looking for No. 14 and just throwing prayers in his direction. And, since he’s so good, I still bet you he would have a pretty good game.

The Steelers will need a big day from about five guys to shut down Metcalf. Especially when he lines up on the outside, both Joe Haden and Cam Sutton need to run with him. Sticking tight on him may make Geno Smith less likely to throw up a prayer in his direction. Also, having safety help bracketing Metcalf is a major key. Terrell Edmunds has been in the best stretch of his career and having the bigger safety hunting Metcalf over the top could limit him after catching the ball. The last two guys that need a big day are Joe Schobert, and Devin Bush. The Steelers will inevitably place their inside linebackers on a big play receiver in the slot like they do every week. Thankfully these two guys are some of the best coverage linebackers in football.

If the Steelers can stop DK Metcalf, the Seahawks offense becomes an injured Chris Carson who might not even play, and Tyler Lockett. Without Russell Wilson on the field that matchup feels incredibly easy for the Steelers defense to dominate. It should be noted Metcalf was limited with a foot injury on Wednesday of this week, and downgraded to not practicing on Thursday with the same injury. Who knows if Metcalf does play Sunday night, how healthy will he be? Check out the latest injury report below:

But what do you think? Will the Steelers be able to stuff or even limit DK Metcalf? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.