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Steelers fan confidence starts to rebound after Week 5 victory over Denver

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base is starting to believe again, but there is plenty more work to be done.

NFL: OCT 10 Broncos at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan can be a fickle bunch. Every season is Super Bowl or bust for the fan base, and despite a huge Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills, the three game skid which ensued had Steelers fans in a downward spiral.

However, the Week 5 win over the Denver Broncos has the fan base starting to believe again. It was just one win, and moved the team’s record to 2-3 on the season, but it gave the fans a taste of victory which had avoided them for almost an entire month.

The Steelers fan confidence in their favorite team is starting to climb again, but more work needs to be done until the fan base will view them as an actual contender. How were the fans feeling about the team moving forward? Well, you can probably guess the roller coaster ride the fans have been on since the season began.

Here at SB Nation we poll fans every week in our SB Nation “Reacts” polls, and one of the questions asked is whether you have confidence in your team moving forward. As you can see, the confidence of the fan base is “trending up”.

If you want to know just how the fan confidence has changed, you can see the percentages below:

Post NFL Draft: 75%
Week 1: 89%
Week 2: 79%
Week 3: 38%
Week 4: 13%
Week 5: 18%
Week 6: 36%

With the Steelers now entering a Week 6 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks Sunday Night Football, the world will be watching to see what happens. Win, and move into the Week 7 bye week with a 3-3 record. Lose, and limp into the bye week 2-4 and nearly already under water with 11 games remaining.

Will the team bounce back, or will this most recent success be nothing more than a flash in the pan? Only time will tell...

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold as they prepare for the Seahawks.