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Where would the Steelers be if it wasn't for Chris Boswell?

Chris Boswell is one of the best kickers in the game, in an era where a good kicker is hard to come by

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The NFL is in the midst of a kicking problem. Seemingly every week the league’s kickers are breaking records for the most missed field goals in a weekend. Extra points are being missed regularly, game-winning/tying shots are nowhere close, and flat out gimme field goals are being shanked.

It’s baffling to witness the fall of production from a position you would expect to maintain linear stats. But if you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers you probably don't know or even realize this is a problem across the league. That’s because Steelers kicker Chris Boswell has consistently been one of the best kickers in all of football. I would go as far as saying he is easily the second best kicker in the sport, and if it wasn't for Justin Tucker doing the unthinkable kicking field goals, Boswell would get more recognition.

Chris Boswell has won the Steelers more games than likely any of us realize. From that 2016 Wild Card game against the Bengals, in which he made 6 straight field goals, or even this past Sunday where he not only gave the Steelers the late lead on a 52-yard kick, but eventually won the game in overtime against the Seattle Seahawks. The fact of the matter is Boswell has been nothing short of excellent during his Steelers tenure.

Through 6 weeks of the 2021 season the ‘Wizard of Boz’ has hit 12/12 extra points and 11/12 field goals, including a Heinz Field record 56-yarder in the Steelers home opener, and if you didn't realize how impressive that is, Heinz Field is consistently the hardest stadium to kick in throughout the entire NFL.

Boswell has played a massive roll in all of the Steelers’ victories this year. In Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, Boswell drilled a 45-yarder to put the Steelers up two scores, against the Denver Broncos Boswell again ended the oppositions hopes with a 49-yarder to put the Steelers up two scores with 2:29 to go, and against the Seattle Seahawks he gave the Steelers the lead with a 52-yarder with 1:30 remaining in the game before blasting a 37 yarder in overtime to push the Steelers to 3-3 on the season.

The kicker has been incredibly clutch and has came up huge in every Steelers victory. Had the team had another one of these struggling kickers from around the NFL, who knows if the Steelers would have any wins at all right now. The fact is Chris Boswell is one of the best kickers in football and deserves some recognition for his efforts. If it wasn't for No. 9, the Steelers wouldn't be the team they are today, and Boswell has deserved the recognition for some time now.

But what do you think? Where would the Pittsburgh Steelers be if it wasn't for Chris Boswell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.