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Browns vs. Broncos, Week 7: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Thursday really snuck up on me after eight days of vacation. Yeah I don’t feel sorry for myself either.

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Doing a couple minutes of research about this game I quickly found that the Browns are really getting beat up. No Baker, Chubb (everyone named Chubb is out of this one), Hunt, and both starting tackles. It’s a nice gesture, but the Broncos still have to go to The Mistake By The Lake, so it’s a push.

Denver started hot against a bunch of bad teams, then reality sunk in and it didn’t help that Teddy Bridgewater was concussed, and really hasn’t looked like the same guy since. Von Miller’s running mate Bradley Chubb is out again, maybe that’s why Von isn’t getting the sacks expected of him.

Denver is 3-3 and 2-1 away, Cleveland is 3-3 and 2-1 at home. Someone will go home 3-4 and someone 4-3 (yeah I know ties are a thing) and 3-4 looks a lot worse than 4-3 at this time of the season.

Should be a good preview of the Steelers next opponent as is doesn’t currently look like too many of Cleveland’s injured will be back that soon.

At least we can relax and join fellow Steelers fans for a weekend preview, watching some football, and hanging out in our electronic neighborhood pub.