Tre Norwood is erasing years of average CB Drafting...

Not sure what scout is responsible for finding Tre Norwood and I'm equally unsure why Tre's name stayed up on the draft board before he was plucked off by Tomlin/Colbert in round 7. But nevertheless I'm beyond ecstatic that the Steelers had Mr. Norwood on their radar and took a flyer on him on the very last day within one of the very last picks of the 2021 draft

This Kid is a Baller! What he has displayed on the field in only 6 games as a rookie is equally impressive, if not more of some cases, than any of his Secondary draft peers that went before him...and I mean every CB from round 1 thru 7. His instincts are off the charts and he has the ability, if called upon, to play any of the positions in the secondary. This draft pick is for sure going unnoticed throughout the totality of the NFL but I would also venture to say Tre's impact is also being under-served within Steeler Nation. I'm excited to watch him play each week and witness his growth in coming seasons

No need to continue B**ching about poor cornerback draftees over the last handful of years Steeler Nation, your boy Norwood has closed that gap impressively

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