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T.J. Watt fined heavily for personal foul vs. the Seahawks in Week 6

The Pittsburgh Steelers OLB was heavily fined for his personal foul on Sunday Night Football.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were winners in Week 6 when they beat the Seattle Seahawks 23-20 on Sunday Night Football, but outside linebacker T.J. Watt might not be thinking fondly of the performance.

Sure, Watt had two sacks in overtime, the second on Geno Smith caused the fumble which resulted in the Chris Boswell game-winning field goal, but a play earlier in the game had Watt lose a pretty penny in his weekly game check. $10,815 less, to be exact.

Watt was flagged for a personal foul for punching a player, running back Alex Collins, while trying to dislodge the ball in the third quarter. The flag also accompanied a fine for the infraction. This by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network:

In case you didn’t see the play, or want to take a closer look yourself, check out the video below:

This isn’t the first Steelers player who has been fined for on-field infractions. Chase Claypool was fined after the team’s win over the Buffalo Bills, and Trai Turner was fined after his ejection against the Las Vegas Raiders.

I’m sure the fine is a minor trade-off for the win, but not something Watt wants to make a habit. Then again, after his mega contract deal prior to the start of the regular season, he can certainly afford any fine the NFL could dish out.

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