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How long can the Pittsburgh Steelers keep this winning streak going?

How long can the Steelers keep stacking these wins?

NFL: OCT 17 Seahawks at Steelers Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are enjoying a bye week after consecutive victories brought their record to an even 3-3. Any coach will talk about stacking wins, and building up your record to become playoff teams, and typically any playoff team will have some sort of winning streak in common. The Steelers currently sit in a great place to grow on their two consecutive victories. After the bye week the Steelers will face a very beat up Cleveland Browns team. Sure, the game is on the road, but the Browns are depleted and in a prime position to be dispatched. Following that game the Steelers go back-to-back with opponents from the NFC North being the bottom feeding Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears.

All three of these games are extremely winnable. And winning said games puts the Steelers in an unreal position to win themselves a playoff spot. Sitting at 6-3 would mean the Steelers would just have to split the remaining 8 games to squeak into the playoffs. After the homestand, the Steelers have to head to the treacherous west coast to face the Chargers, a place the Steelers historically struggle on that side of the country. Then head to Cincinnati for a rematch with the Bengals, who has had the Steelers number as of late.

The Steelers are obviously not running this table, with one of the hardest schedules in recent league history, but they can build on something which could fuel them to a playoff spot. With so few AFC North tilts during the early part of the season, the Steelers need to keep pace with the other teams of the division before they can make up some ground in head-to-head matchups. Taking some momentum into the Week 13 clash against the Ravens at home might be the difference in having a shot at repeating as AFC North champions. But the good thing the Steelers did was start a winning streak and evening up their record. Anything is still on the table for this team, the year could go up in flames or they can get hot and win the division. And, like any year, getting into the playoffs means you have a chance at a Super Bowl title.

But what do you think? How long can the Steelers keep this winning streak going and what will their final record look like? Take the reaming schedule and post your results in the comments below.

@ Browns
vs. Bears
vs. Lions
@ Chargers
@ Bengals
vs. Ravens
@ Vikings
vs. Titans
@ Chiefs
vs. Browns
@ Ravens