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Containing Myles Garrett is the Steelers’ key of the week

The Steelers cannot allow the Browns big-time pass rusher to take over the game.

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take to the field for the first time in a couple weeks on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. With it comes another Key of the Week, and this week the Steelers will be tasked with one of the most unstoppable players in the NFL today in Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett. This is far from an easy task, as Garrett combines size, speed and strength unlike anyone in the NFL today.

In order to contain Garrett, The Steelers will need to have a very clean day from their offensive line. They’ll have to get away with some tricks of the trade, like sneaky holding that the refs don’t pick up on. Not only those little tricks, but the more obvious stuff like double teams and even triple teaming the pass rushing specialist. Tight ends will need to chip on Garrett when they are lined up to his side, running backs will have to dig a shoulder into him when they run out on routes, and the quarterback will need to get rid of the ball quickly in order to keep Garrett from taking over the game.

A pass rusher like Myles Garrett can wreck a game if he gets going. In all likelihood he probably does get home to Ben Roethlisberger and pick up a sack, but what the Steelers can’t afford is letting Garrett have a four or five sack game including a number of forced fumbles that completely flip the script for the Browns. Quick passes have been a friend to Ben Roethlisberger in recent years, but this Sunday it looks like it will be a necessity to keep Garrett from beating up the Steelers’ aging quarterback.

Bonus key: Stuffing Nick Chubb

The other key to the game is the health of Browns superstar running back Nick Chubb. If Chubb is healthy the Browns will feature one of the best runners in the league behind one of the best offensive lines. He is a talent on pace with all of the other top runners in football and the Steelers need to stop Chubb from running up and down the field against them on Sunday.

This will be easier said than done, as the Steelers struggled mightily against the Seahawks back up running backs a couple weeks ago. The Steelers will need to commit to stopping the run and force Baker Mayfield or Case Keenum to beat them through the air.

But what do you think? Can the Steeler slow down Myles Garrett, and Nick Chubb? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.