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Will 2021 be Mike Tomlin’s first losing season as Steelers head coach?

The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach will have his work cut out for him throughout the rest of this 17-game season.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, there are certain aspects of the team they like to hang their proverbial hat on. One of those is the team’s six Super Bowl championships, and a more recent statistic which is always spewed from fans is how Mike Tomlin hasn’t had a losing season since being hired in 2007.

With the NFL transitioning from a 16-game season to a 17-game season, finishing .500 (8-8) is obviously an unlikely result. Sure, a team could finish 8-8-1, but the odds of that taking place are slim-to-none. After the Steelers’ sluggish 1-3 start, many were wondering if this would be the year Tomlin finishes with a losing season.

Since then the Steelers rattled off two wins over the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks to bring their record back to level, 3-3, heading into the Week 7 bye week. When you look at the rest of the schedule, it is anything but easy. In fact, it only gets worse as the weeks roll on.

With Steelers fans always thinking ahead, it made us wonder if the fan base thought Tomlin would suffer more losses than wins for the first time in his career. We here at SB Nation put together a survey for fans, called SB Nation Reacts, and we asked that very question to our readers this week.

Will Mike Tomlin suffer his first losing season in 2021? In what was somewhat of a surprise, only 43% of the fan base believes the Steelers will finish 8-9, or worse.

Not all the fans who read this website take part in our Reacts surveys, so I felt it also appropriate to ask this question here on BTSC. Do you think the Steelers will be able to win at least six more games to get their win total to nine games, and secure another non-losing season for Mike Tomlin?

Take a look at the remainder of the schedule before voting in the poll below:

at Cleveland Browns
vs. Chicago Bears
vs. Detroit Lions
at Los Angeles Chargers
at Cincinnati Bengals
vs. Baltimore Ravens
at Minnesota Vikings
vs. Tennessee Titans
at Kansas City Chiefs
vs. Cleveland Browns
at Baltimore Ravens

So, after looking at it, what do you think? Will the Steelers be able to keep Tomlin’s record of non-losing season spotless? Vote in the poll below, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section explaining your answer.


Will 2021 be Mike Tomlin’s first losing season as Steelers’ head coach?

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