I ask a simple question Why? Why is it that both Rodgers and Wilson talk about there frustration with there organizations during the offseason and still are able to play like nothing happened? Why is somebody like Brady is allowed to win year after year despite the knowledge of him and the Pats cheating? Why does somebody like AB who acted like an ASS in Pittsburgh be allowed to carry around a SUEPRBOWL RING? Why is that Ben has to be one to suffer and not these other guys? Rodgers basically said he was 50/50 on retiring and yet 4 weeks in it looks the same Rodgers who's been a pro bowler years but when Ben does it he gets ripped for it? Wilson voiced his displeasures about how the Hawks are focusing more on Defense than what he wants but yet they are flying high. When Ben does it he's made out to be the bad guy but any other QB does it that QB gets his ass kissed like he's a religious figure. Hey here's another 1 for you all to think about Dak comes back from a serious ankle injury and many were concerned that it was his arm that was not right but yet he's throwing it around like nothing happened and oh btw he doesn't play a snap in Pre Season just like Rodgers and yet despite that both QB's are playing as if there were no problems to start with Why?

I want to know why other QB's and other players are having more success or constant success but yet Ben has to be the guy to get all the grief?

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