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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Jason, Freddy and Chucky Edition

Time for another Saturday night spent with fellow Steelers fans. Toronto Steelers Fan steps in for this week’s round of questions!

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Hola amigos! It’s backup quarterback time again on the Saturday evening open thread, and I (Toronto Steeler Fan) am your host this week. Your regularly scheduled host, steel canuck, didn’t practice all week (including Wednesday), and so he is on the inactive list tonight.

And now, on to our show. Tonight’s edition of the Saturday Night Five is brought to you by Halloween, Jaylen Samuels, extreme mediocrity, and the number 22. Here we go:

1. Now that Jaylen Samuels has departed from Steelerworld, what is your favorite memory of BTSC’s most famous pedestal occupant that is NOT the NE* game in 2018?

2. Say what you will about Jaylen Samuels, his superpower was in turning an absence of NFL-level talent into career longevity. It takes real talent to convince the coaches every single week for several years to keep you on the roster when every objective measure of your skills indicates that you should not be in the NFL. Now that he is gone, who is the next guy on the current Steelers roster that will find that sweet spot at the intersection of mediocrity and longevity?

3. Staying on the theme of extended episodes of mediocrity, the NFL head coaching equivalent of Jaylen Samuels is probably The Mediocrity Formerly Known as Jeff Fisher. In 22 seasons as a head coach, he had a winning percentage of .512, but only six (6!) winning seasons, including none of his last seven seasons. Apart from Fisher, who seems to be in a category by himself, who do you feel is the epitome of mediocrity in NFL head coaching?

4. Moving from mediocrity to horror (it is Halloween weekend after all) …. every season, the Steelers produce at least one episode of That Game. You know the one I’m talking about – the one they’re supposed to win, the one some loudmouth DB or WR makes a stupid social media post about during the week, and then in the end, the Steelers end up getting their asses handed to them in a horror show. I believe that the Steelers have not yet played That Game this year. Against whom will they play this game and predict the mode of defeat? Bonus marks will be awarded for creativity.

5. Obligatory Halloween Question: What in your considered opinion, is the number one horror movie of all time?

There you go folks! Happy Halloween!