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Cowboys at Vikings, Week 8: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Could be a treat, probably be a trick for Halloween.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The 5-1 Cowboys take their No. 6 offense and No. 11 defense up to the NFCN to visit the 3-3 Vikings. The Vikings welcome them with the No. 6 defense and No. 13 offense. The Vikings have won and lost the games they should have. All but one, by one score. The Cowboys have had a tougher schedule won by more, and should be undefeated, having ripped defeat from the hands of victory vs TB in week one.

It’s Halloween, and having the heart ripped out of a Viking by a Cowboy, really fits the theme.

Join your fellow Steelers fans for the after party comment thread.