Seattle's Double Punt and Offsides FG call in Green Bay

During Pro Football Talk Mike Florio and Peter King discussing the double punt in last night's game, I came across this little bit of information about replay assistant. "As revised for 2021, the replay assistant and "designated members of the Officiating Department" may provide video support for the on-field officials, under certain specific circumstances. Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9 states that they may advise game officials "on specific, objective aspects of a play when clear and obvious video evidence is present." Such advice is available for, among other things, "location of the football or a player in relation to . . . the line of scrimmage."

So here's my question--if the replay official was able to provide video support to on-field officials to determine if the punter was or was not on or past the line of scrimmage last night, why couldn't the replay official provide video support to on-field officials to show Haden and Fitzpatrick didn't jump offsides, over the line of scrimmage?

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