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2022 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers looking to bolster the offensive line in early prediction

Let’s take a look at the first Steelers mock draft of the 2021 season .

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 LSU at UCLA Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This isn’t a simulator mock draft, but something based off my early rankings and I wanted to further the conversation into the 2022 NFL Draft Class. Draft picks are scarce this year, but there is hope that Bud Dupree will net a third round compensatory pick. Most draft sites are projecting the Steelers to receive the compensatory pick in the third, and until I hear something concrete on the matter I will continue to use it in the mocks.

Disclaimer: I know people get tired of the simulator postings and the barrage of mock drafts, you will not get that from me. This will be broken into quarters, I’ll post one after the 8th 12th and 17th games of the season.

This is the breakdown of the picks available and the ones traded away

Round 1 - Still available

Round 2 - Still available

Round 3 - Still available

ROUND 3 - Possible compensatory pick for Bud Dupree

Round 4 - Trade for Isaiah Loudermilk

Round 5 - Traded away for Avery Williamson also accrued a 2022 7th rounder

Round 6 - Traded away for Joe Schobert

Round 7 - Still available

Round 7 - Accrued in the Avery Williamson deal

The First Draft

Round 1 - Sean Rhyan / LT / UCLA

I’m not the first too draw attention to the UCLA left tackle but I won’t be the last either. The guy is strong and it’s a functional strong. Easily able to get to the second level and his mobility helps in redirecting when the advantage is not to his liking. He’s nasty and will continue through and past the whistle. He’ll get dinged for his length and some may project a move to inside. Either way this guy should not be overlooked.

Round 2 - Jordan Davis / IDL / Georgia

This is a big man and he uses the size along with his demeanor to wreck havoc along the Georgia line. In the days of Big Snack where he ate double teams so guys could run free. This is your man. If you don’t double him he will win the one on one more than not. Violent hands and surprisingly nimble for a man his size. Plain and simple you do not run at him.

Round 3 - Jaquan Brisker / S / Penn State

The only thing I’ll say is I love the way the guy plays the run. His size and recognition allows him to play downhill. He does have some ball and coverage skills.

Round 3 (projected comp pick) - Kenny Pickett / QB / Pittsburgh

Quite honestly the Pitt signal caller has played as well as any in the nation. Currently moving up draft boards as we speak. Decent arm and can move enough to get himself out of trouble.

Round 7 - Tiawan Mullen / CB / Indiana

Very underrated corner and is hard to project where he will go, former All- American with ability to play on the boundary as well as in the slot. I would play him in the slot due to zone awareness ability to blitz and he will defend the run.

Round 7 - Kuony Deng / EDGE / Cal

This young man needs a position swap, put him back on the EDGE where he belongs, Cal has used him lining up at ILB.

Additional Thoughts

The Trenches

I know the most important position is the quarterback, but I truly believe the game is won and lost in the trenches. I feel sure some will disagree on the prospect and not the position, but there is a need to continue working on the offensive line. Taking a Casey Hampton type prospect will cause pause to many, limited snaps in a passing world? In the 2-4-5 that makes an occasional appearance into the defensive game plan, a versatile known run stuffer could help with the sometimes run challenged unit.

Defensive Backs

I do think Brisker could move up boards as the draft process continues. I know the bio was short but it’s just something about the young mans play that I like. Depth could come into play in the offseason. I also added a hard to evaluate corner. His play isn’t the issue but more of where some teams may project him. I already miss Mike Hilton and the room could lose Joe Haden.

Why Not Kenny or Kuony?

The Steelers passed on Marino and I wasn’t letting another Pitt quarterback slide through their hands. Why Not Kenny? He has shown vast improvement and is taking care of the ball. Why not Kenny? Why not Heisman?

Not sure Kuony Deng gets drafted here but it’s early in the process. Could have went with any number of positions at this pick but the Steelers always take a LB. Things will change as the process continues, so stay tuned.

As always, interested in your thoughts. Stay Safe and GO STEELERS!