Can TJ Attract a Veteran QB? (Life After Ben.)

TJ is overpaid for his position, and that will be even more apparent when a veteran QB comes to replace Ben, and money becomes an issue. Ben's appeal to sign TJ at any cost was based on his idea that he would play for less to allow more for TJ, and we know now that Ben is not worth even $5M, let alone $15M, given money needed to fix the OL.

If and when a veteran QB comes, let us hope it is someone hungry for a Superbowl, and has already made their $150M, and has the same sentiments as Ben to accept 15M or there about. Maybe take $20M, get the DBs signed, and OL improved to challenge the Browns edge rushers, for example.

The question is if TJ can stay healthy enough to earn the money he is getting, and so fulfill his end of the bargain. A sane veteran QB might wonder if TJ can stay healthy... Thus, TJ has to play within the limits of the conditioning he has done, while bringing along the other, younger players, so the defense will not falter. That is what 80M guaranteed means. He has to guarantee he is the leader who delivers defensive shut downs, with opposition QBs running for their lives under pressure from the Steeler defense.

So, will Rodgers come? Or, would the Browns be the best destination for him? Who else could come? Russell Wilson? Or, do we pray for Haskins to turnout?

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