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Steelers Podcast: What Yinz Talkin’ Bout and the Four Game Whining Streak

Join BTSC’s newest podcast, What Yinz Talkin ‘Bout for a fun look at the Steelers in the sea of social media.

What Yinz Talkin’ Bout is the conversation About the Steelers social media conversation. Steeler Nation is celebrating a four-game winning streak where Ben & Tomlin leveled up to legendary status, and Boswell unlocked Godliness, but fans are finding all sorts of reasons. Take a deep dive into the world of Steelers social media from a yinzer perspective and join Kyle and Greg for their black-and-gold breakdown of everything “Stillers” on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so much more. to whine about the black and gold. Our hosts Kyle Chrise (@KyleChrise) and Greg Benevent (@GregBenevent) will expose the week’s hottest and most hilarious social media takes.

Check out the rundown of the show:

  • This week with the Steelers and social media
  • and MUCH MORE!

Check out all episodes on the following platforms:

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You can listen to the show in the player below.